Abla Kamel.

Today has been.. a bit overwhelming.

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What’s Going On? – May 2017 Playlist

Have you ever been in this phase?

When you feel there is a constant soundtrack in the background of your everyday life. And you’re constantly thinking what song/track would fit the background of this very moment.

Well, I have been feeling that for this past year, and it’s AWESOME! Life is a lot of fun with constant music amplifying our senses and igniting our empathy.


Here are few of the songs that are constantly stuck in my mind. They represent my 25th year on this earth, the year of existentialism and a constant “What’s going on?” astonishment.

1- 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up (1992)


An extra: The cover song from Sense8, an epic show I’m obsessed about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiqmrpiC1zQ

2- Alanis Morissette – Ironic (1995)
3- Tania Saleh – Lazim لازم
4- Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (2010)

5- Lemonada – Abali عبالي
6- Aida El Ayoubi – Warda fi Geneina وردة في جنينة
7- Billy Joel – She’s Always A Woman (1977)
8- Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game
9- Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This (2014)

10- Massar Igbari – Kanet Hatefre2 كانت هتفرق – (2015)
11- Twenty One Pilots – Not Today (2015)
12- Sia – Alive (2015)
13- The Fray – You Found Me
14- Sia – Bird Set Free (2015)

15- Imagine Dragons – Believer (2016)

16- The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
17- AVICII – Feeling Good (2015)
18- Birdtalker – Heavy (2016)
19- Young the Giant – Cough Syrup (2011)
20- Emma Stone – Audition/The Fools Who Dream (La La Land) (2016)



There are two objectives behind this blog post:

1- to write a +400 words piece of self-expression (haven’t done that in a while).

2- to give you a hint of what anxiety feels like (from an unprofessional point of view).

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15 June – Light

So in recent interviews, people ask me about my blog (since I used to be a blogger and my current career revolves around content). And surprisingly I find myself awkwardly shying away from sharing it.

Ironically, I used to excessively share my blog posts in my old blog everywhere. I took pride to be documenting my reflections throughout every part of the revolution and what I believed in. But now I only write to try & get out these loud voices in my head. Whether I’m proud or not of these thoughts, I just want them to shut up.

And now I’m wondering, when did I start to care about how ppl perceive me so much? And why does growing up let you be ashamed of your own vulnerability? Trying to hide it away?


There is indeed no hiding from facing your own voices. There should be no shame to admit that you’re vulnerable, and to be honest.

Do you think I should make this blog private? I kinda still am fascinated by the idea that someone out there is reading my thoughts. May be someone will relate. May be another one needs to feel that they are not alone. I still have a tiny ray of hope that small words can make a big difference.

But what about my blog? Do you think I should make another one for professional use?

Waiting to hear your thoughts.. 🙂


14 June – #Dark

I realize now how absurd it must have become that I keep quoting song names and lyrics in each blog post. I think it’s my attempt to try & express my ideas.

I started liking the idea of creating an alter ego that represents one side of your personality. I’m gonna have to create one but I’m yet to find their name.

So far, I have compiled  a list  of artists who are singing to the dark twisty alter ego of mine:

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12 June – #StressedOut

Sorry I wasn’t updating my blog regularly as promised. Lots of events were happening and I wanted to take my time before reflecting on them.

I can definitely say that till mid 2016, I was having one of the toughest times of my life so far. Adulthood was sucking the life out of me. Was surrounded by materialism, hypocrisy, jealousy, anger and misunderstandings. Many factors had an impact in me collapsing by mid April.

I have made some decisions this last month. Decisions which I hope will transform the next half of the year. Being solo doesn’t scare me much now, knowing that I won’t be as alone as I would think. Taking care of my own self is the priority now. One of many steps needed to wake up and rise again.

Probably you have read this hundreds of times before. When I was a little girl, I was longing to be older and gain the respect I want. I would always behave like older people and I did not care much about enjoying my teenage years (didn’t have much choice in it honestly). Now that’s you stepping in the shit of adulthood with each step you take, you honestly wish you can go back whenever you want. Imagine if  there is this  button that takes you back to any year of your life… where you can shelter from today’s life decisions in the past.

This existential crisis phase is bullshit. It’s excruciatingly  tiring.

I only now wish to sleep with happy thoughts.