14 June – #Dark

I realize now how absurd it must have become that I keep quoting song names and lyrics in each blog post. I think it’s my attempt to try & express my ideas.

I started liking the idea of creating an alter ego that represents one side of your personality. I’m gonna have to create one but I’m yet to find their name.

So far, I have compiled  a list  of artists who are singing to the dark twisty alter ego of mine:

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1 May – Lose it all

My body will hate me tomorrow..

But today I made good use of my money and time and had some fun at the gym.

I’m depending on music more than usual these days to communicate how I feel.

After all: tumblr_n9fzxzicu81stp2r7o1_500


So this is how I feel..

Where else can I go? Chasing you, chasing you ..Memories turn to dust ..Please don’t bury us I got you

If I lose myself I lose it all