Reminding me…

I need you to remind me..

What is happiness?

How you define love?

What makes you satisfied?

How to overcome losing?

How to fight fearing failure? being alone?

How not to lose joy amid depression?

How to stop caring about whatever the fuck people think about you?

Why does depression keeps visiting back?

Is it true you’re a magnet to sadness?

When will your insecurities keep hitting hard?


I need you to remind me, that it’s all temporarily, and that I need to keep fighting.



Oh.. how come I haven’t watched Bridget Jones till now? It’s about the perfect time of the season.


Do you play Bass? (#BeginAgain)

I probably know why this movie has been on mind all the time lately (watching it tonight btw).

It’s because at the first time I watched it in cinema, it was a magical moment. I left feeling peaceful and loved and joyful. Can’t deny that I wish I could go back.. 🙂

Cause I’m just not sure
How to get back there
And I just can’t bear
If you’re not there