The pursuit of empathy…

I’m lovin’ this!!

The nagging urge of swirling thoughts in one’s minds.. thoughts that demand to be blogged.

How I missed this! Since I started this new blog and stopped writing on “Salma Asks“, I recall chasing this feeling for the past two years… the feeling of having to stop everything to JUST WRITE WHAT’S GOING ON.

I realize that I have complained about this in  “Outrageous”, “Bla bla.”, “Happy Ending“, “I’m Good”, “29 April“, “18 مايو – شئ سخيف“, “#Truce”, “On hope“… basically, I have been complaining about it in most of my public and private blog posts.

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On hope

Man, I don’t know if Ellen DeGeneres knows this. But I hope she does.

This woman is so great beyond measures. Someone who suffered a lot in her life, and came out this strong, this inspiring, and now she is helping  millions to get over life everyday, just by spreading hope and happiness. Continue reading “On hope”