Abla Kamel.

Today has been.. a bit overwhelming.

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Fix You

Hey there,

Been away for quite a few days. Well, you know I won’t like lying to you. I’m currently not at my best. But you know me… I don’t quit. I’m pushing myself to get again on my feet. Soon every step out of bed won’t be as hard.

I’m starting a new challenge. I’m challenging myself to start a new thing everyday for a month. It seems like a not so bad idea to challenge myself. I would need all the support to get put of my comfort zone and to connect again with the world. Let’s see where this would get me…

BRB. Will blog once I try a new thing today.

14 June – #Dark

I realize now how absurd it must have become that I keep quoting song names and lyrics in each blog post. I think it’s my attempt to try & express my ideas.

I started liking the idea of creating an alter ego that represents one side of your personality. I’m gonna have to create one but I’m yet to find their name.

So far, I have compiled  a list  of artists who are singing to the dark twisty alter ego of mine:

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