This is my sermon.

I discovered a new artist. Loving his songs so far although they hit on all your soft spots, and I don’t need that right now.

But anyways, give these two songs a lesson:

This is my sermon..

But this is my sermon fest that I’m emotionally drained
Self-medicating hoping I can cope with the pain
I need a face cause that’ll fix whatever’s broke in my brain
Who am I kidding, no I’m going insane
I wrote some quotes on this page, just trying to reach you in a hope you were late
Well I’ll probably just throw them away
Cause I don’t know what to say
I feel weak when I’m supposed to be brave
I seem free but I’m enclosed in a cage
Though I continue to ponder over the plastic
And I ain’t gonna do any better
Do I whimper from the future, and buckle under the pressure
Or do I step to the plate, and gon’ take the chance with my life
Come face to face with the darkness so I can stand in the light


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