Monday’s new thing was a bit of cheating.. but I LOVED it nevertheless!

I took two of my friends to my favorite seafood place in town… It had a new branch a couple of blocks away from their old branch 😀

It always brings joy to me.




Yesterday’s new challenge was pretty simple. I tried a new ice-cream flavor: Bubblegum.

Didn’t like it much, but of course my first new thing I’d try would be food 😀

Fix You

Hey there,

Been away for quite a few days. Well, you know I won’t like lying to you. I’m currently not at my best. But you know me… I don’t quit. I’m pushing myself to get again on my feet. Soon every step out of bed won’t be as hard.

I’m starting a new challenge. I’m challenging myself to start a new thing everyday for a month. It seems like a not so bad idea to challenge myself. I would need all the support to get put of my comfort zone and to connect again with the world. Let’s see where this would get me…

BRB. Will blog once I try a new thing today.


I’ve decided to share a personal thought today. I know I have been mad.. for quite some time now. I’ve been mad at how life is unfair to good people. I have been mad at how our dreams got completely shattered in front of us. I have been mad at plans not working out no matter how you try.

I have been mad for quite some time, that I forgot that there are really countless things to be grateful for in this life. Yes, you have to always remember that there is still so much to do, that you still want to work hard in order to make an impact in this miserable world. But despite all this, you have to stop and reflect from time to time. You have to remember that working hard pays off sometimes. You have to reflect on where you stand now, and be proud of yourself.

Don’t lose being modest; don’t let the materialistic world change you into a person that you won’t like. But love and appreciate yourself for who you are. For all the flaws and virtues. For all the ups & downs. For all the stubbornness and the irrational desire for independence, and for all the transitional phases and the changes. Love yourself for who you were before and who you are at the moment, and who you want to be tomorrow.

In short, today I realized that I have been harsh on myself more than anybody else for a while, so I decided to give myself a break, and it was okay. It was fine. 🙂

Good night.


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