14 June – #Dark

I realize now how absurd it must have become that I keep quoting song names and lyrics in each blog post. I think it’s my attempt to try & express my ideas.

I started liking the idea of creating an alter ego that represents one side of your personality. I’m gonna have to create one but I’m yet to find their name.

So far, I have compiled  a list  of artists who are singing to the dark twisty alter ego of mine:

  1. Sia!

2. Twenty One Pilots

3. One Republic

4. Naughty Boy

5. Paloma Faith

6. Jessie Ware’s  “Say You Love Me”

7. Ingrid Michaelson’s “Over You”

8. Stay

9. Eminem (طبعاً):


Till when will one have to fight? I tried searching a lot for an answer to this… Asked a lot of people… listened to a lot of songs.

But apparently there is no vivid answer. There is no manual that tells you when you should stop fighting.. for a dream you had, for a cause you believed in, for someone you love… There is no answer.

Am I worth fighting for?

Still waiting for an answer.



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