Do you play Bass? (#BeginAgain)

I probably know why this movie has been on mind all the time lately (watching it tonight btw).

It’s because at the first time I watched it in cinema, it was a magical moment. I left feeling peaceful and loved and joyful. Can’t deny that I wish I could go back.. 🙂

Cause I’m just not sure
How to get back there
And I just can’t bear
If you’re not there


3 thoughts on “Do you play Bass? (#BeginAgain)

    1. I liked that the ending didn’t tell you what she is going to do or what is her next step.. That scene in “A Step You Can’t Take Back” is magical.. I remember that moment when I was at the cinema and it is one of the best scenes I have ever seen..


      1. It could have ended with her having a big enough hit to show her ex up and she would have flipped roles. But yes, each movie can’t be perfect.


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