2 May “Salma Out”

Yes, my body hates  me today.

My whole back hurts because of the Zumba yesterday may be. Glad I’m back to the gym  though. I still hate those lazy grumpy trainers but I won’t let their attitude let me down this time.

Today wasn’t bad. I met friends and wandered in  downtown. The weather  was breezy and fine, and the roads were enjoyably empty. It’s always that time of the year when I wish that Cairo would stay this clear of people. You won’t hate it so badly like now if  it was like this everyday.

After some reflections, I like that I’m not playing games at myself anymore. I know what I don’t want this time, and I’m beginning to form an unclear idea about how to get what I want. I’m sure that with more effort it will start to get clearer.

If there is something I’ve learnt this week, is that no matter how many times I have lost confidence in myself, deep down I know I’m worth a life full of serendipity and love. I know that I’m worth of respect. And that I need to continue fighting for it.

And now back to reality …..




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