30 April

Today wasn’t bad at all.

I did something new with friends.. that was fun and unusual… a bit rebellious too if I may say.IMAG0018IMAG0037[1]IMAG0039[1]

I was only annoyed because of two things.. make them three.

  1. My friend who’s on trial got sentenced to 14 more days in detention. So unfair but happens to a lot of people nowadays.
  2. They keep sending me stuff wanting me to work on my vacation as it’s “top urgent”.. even when it’s not.
  3. I keep checking twitter hoping for something hopeful. Wondering if I still matter at all.

I realize that with all the fun I had today, I still cannot distract myself enough. The healing process is going to take some time. I’ll just have to continue to go through it and “endure”.


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