29 April

I have decided that I need to make blogging a daily commitment. I need to reuse my writing abilities and to gain perspective again at what’s happening.

I  need to return into being the old me again. To say the hell I want to say without fearing what people will think of me. To express myself and talk about the million things that upsets me.

I need not to pretend I’m okay so that everyone would just leave me alone. On the contrary, I need to scream it out. I’m not okay now. This dark depression cloud over my head needs to leave. But how am I going to fight with everything going against what you work hard for?

One of my friends is detained now. And I’m mad that I didn’t know about it till four days later. So upsetting.

My heart is broken, for I’ve loved and lost. Well, that’s life, right?

I’m trying hardly to look at the bright side now. But may be I need glasses because I can barely see it.

Hoping that tomorrow will be a good day. Time to indulge myself in watching movies and try to forget everything I’ve dreamt of.



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